Our Clients

Personal CFO Solutions experienced advisors assist clients in developing, implementing and maintaining a financial plan catered to each individual’s unique circumstances.  There is no one size fits all solution. Whether your demanding schedule leaves you with little time to focus on your own financial planning, or you’re a family looking to protect and transfer wealth to future generations, or a successful company looking to add significant value to your employees, Personal CFO Solutions can help.

Corporate Executives:

Corporate executives are faced with numerous complex financial decisions related to their compensation packages including: equity awards, single stock concentration, deferred compensation, qualified and non-qualified pension plans, 401(k) plans, and non-compete/separation agreements. Personal CFO’s advisors have extensive experience working with a wide variety of companies across industries and benefit plans to provide effective solutions. We are the “Tax Advisor and Financial Specialist” you are asked to consult before making any employee benefit elections.

Individuals & Families:

Personal CFO Solutions’ advisors have extensive experience guiding individuals and their families through many complex financial decisions. Whatever your goals may be, minimizing your tax burden, saving for retirement or college, preserving your assets, or transferring wealth to future generations, Personal CFO Solutions will educate, advise and implement your financial plan.

Corporate Relationships:

Personal CFO Solutions partners with companies to offer Comprehensive Financial Counseling to their executive team, as well as, company-wide financial education seminars to their associates. In addition, we can advise and provide guidance to corporations on implementing and managing comprehensive retirement plans.


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