Corporate Seminars:

Personal CFO Solutions’ Financial Planning Education Service offers employee seminars on pertinent financial planning topics and benefit plans. Many employees do not understand the value of their company’s benefit & compensation packages. By educating your employees and providing them with the tools to make informed decisions, you will increase plan participation and maximize your company’s value.

Advantages of Financial Planning Education

○ Increases appreciation and participation in benefit plans offered by the company
○ Improves company morale and enhances employee productivity
○ Improves employee investment efficiency
○ Employees take more of an active role in securing their own financial future

Personal CFO Solutions offers financial education on a wide variety of financial topics including the following:

  • Company Employee Benefit Plans
  • Investment Planning
  • Saving and Planning for Retirement
  • Education Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Protecting your Family with Insurance
  • Women and Money
  • Financial Planning


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