Benefits and Compensation Planning

  • Maximize company benefits
  • Educate and advise on all employee benefit plans
  • Discuss participation level and investment options of savings and deferred compensation plans
  • Analyze distribution elections on all employee benefit plans
  • Review stock option strategies
  • Advise and assist in benefit election and┬ábeneficiary designations

Cash Flow Planning

  • Assess current and long term cash flow needs
  • Create and evaluate retirement cash flow sufficiency analysis
  • Evaluate education funding objectives
  • Examine long term wealth accumulation strategies
  • Optimize company benefit choices

Investment Planning

  • Determine investment goals and risk appetite
  • Create and monitor asset allocation
  • Research, analyze, and advise on various investment options and strategies
  • Integrate benefit plans with personal investment portfolio
  • Provide regular performance reporting and monitoring

Tax Planning Strategies

  • Analyze current and future income tax liability
  • Educate, advise, and implement strategies to minimize income tax exposure
  • Review withholding and estimated tax analysis
  • Prepare income, gift, and trust tax returns

Insurance Planning

  • Evaluate life insurance needs and coverages
  • Analyze existing property and casualty insurance exposure
  • Examine excess liability coverages
  • Review survivor cash flow analysis and disability plan
  • Review health insurance coverage

Estate Planning

  • Review family objectives, goals, and concerns
  • Evaluate existing testamentary documents
  • Provide specific tax savings recommendations
  • Examine tax effective wealth transfer strategies
  • Coordinate drafting and execution of estate planning documents
  • Review estate tax balance sheet and estate distribution flowcharts
  • Analyze cash flow projections for surviving family members
  • Coordinate asset ownership and beneficiary designations

Other Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Corporate Relationships